People in the Augsburg Innovationspark

For concerns or questions regarding the Augsburg Innovationspark or the Technology Centre, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the following people:

Augsburg Innovationspark GmbH

Wolfgang Hehl


General Manager



Development strategy, VIP support, public relations, sales, personnel management, technology transfer.



Hansjürgen Siemen


Facility Management



Technical / infrastructural / commercial facility management, technical building facilities, technical customer support, maintenance


Anja Riehr


Customer Relations



Back office sales, contract management, VIP support, Networks, marketing service management


Ulrike Polzmacher


Controlling and finances



Commercial administration, accounting, calculation, ancillary costs, document management



Anna Kilger


Student employee



Team support, data management, event management



Stadt Augsburg

Karl Bayerle



Business Development, City of Augsburg


Michaela Gruber



Location consultancy, Augsburg Innovationspark


Regio Augsburg Wirtschaft GmbH

Andreas Thiel



General Manager Regio Augsburg Wirtschaft GmbH


Marketing for the Augsburg Innovationspark

Simone Lehrl


Marketing for the Augsburg Innovationspark