Welcome to the Augsburg Innovationspark

  • Augsburg Innovationspark - How to use ressources better

    Together companies and science push innovations forward.

    Be more successful through industry 4.0 and ressource efficiency.

  • Search and Develope on the highest level

    Fraunhofer Association and German Aerospace Center (DLR) are there already.

    The University Augsburg follows with a new building for the Material Ressource Management (MRM).


  • Save resources with new technologies

    Ideas for lightweight construction, mechatronic, automation and environmental technology.



Paradise for researchers, engineers and skilled personnel

Idea Smith
Smart heads work together on projects concerning the internet of things and resource efficiency in the Augsburg Innovationspark.
High Speed through Networking
Regardless of whether you are a start-up, a corporation or a research institute, if you are networked in Augsburg, you reach the goal quicker.
Ideal Neighbourhood
Fraunhofer Institutes, the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) and the University are right next door. The Technical University, the Exhibition Centre (Messe) and the B17 motorway lie just around the corner. Augsburg’s infrastructure is very well developed.
An Idea Today – A Product Tomorrow

The Augsburg Innovationspark speeds innovation towards the efficient use of raw materials, energy and other valuable resources. The result: Businesses bring products to the market faster.

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Business + Research = Competitive Advantages

The rate of innovation in our world has sped up dramatically. Businesses and research institutes are only successful in the long run if they are able to adapt quickly. Adapt to changing conditions, technologies and markets. A high level of innovation is needed and the stamina to make good products out of good ideas. This is where the Innovationspark in Augsburg helps. The focus is constantly on relevant future-oriented technologies such as: Internet of Things, lightweight construction and fibre composites, mechatronics and automation, IT and embedded systems, environmental technologies and aerospace suppliers. Businesses get fast access to competences, skills and new business contacts which are needed in order to develop new products. This creates competitive advantages. The Augsburg Innovationspark – an ideal platform for business and research.